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How to diagnose the equipment fault of glass edger correctly


How can we correctly diagnose the failure of the glass edging machine? Now the classification of the glass edging machine has been subdivided in the market, such as the glass linear edging machine, the glass carving machine, the glass cleaning machine, etc., especially the extensive application of numerical control technology and information technology in the glass edging machine equipment, resulting in many enterprises in the daily operation process. To avoid mechanical failure.

Then, how can we know more clearly about the relevant faults of our equipment? How can we better prevent the occurrence of this situation? Are there more scientific and effective preventive measures? Here is a brief introduction of a more scientific method. The specific contents are as follows:

For the identification of the fault status of the glass edging machine, there are two basic components: first, the simple status diagnosis is carried out by the field operators; second, the precise diagnosis is carried out by the specialized personnel, that is, for the faults in the simple diagnosis, it is often necessary to carry out further precise diagnosis, so as to determine the type of the fault and understand the cause of the fault; estimate the harm of the fault To determine the countermeasures to eliminate the faults and restore the normal operation of the equipment.

The simple diagnosis and precise diagnosis of general glass edger are the relationship between popularization and improvement. There are two stages in the implementation of equipment diagnosis technology. Therefore, fault diagnosis, not only needs specific testing and analysis, but also uses quantitative stress technology, fault monitoring and analysis technology strength, quantitative performance technology and so on.

Through the introduction of the above related knowledge, we have a very intuitive and scientific understanding of how to diagnose the fault of glass edging machine scientifically and correctly. In this article, I would like to remind you that with the increase of the relevant glass edger equipment used by you, the comprehensive technical level of the corresponding equipment is relatively high. Therefore, for enterprises, to achieve stable production and further tap the potential of related glass edger equipment, it is particularly important to adopt a scientific daily fault diagnosis method. Only through the development and implementation of new maintenance methods to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. Can better solve the relevant problems.